We partner with social good organizations to turn data into insight, impact, and action.

Partnering with organizations for us means bringing data expertise and project management experience to the table to help each organization maximize its impact. You know your organization, its needs, and where you want it to go. We are here to help get it there.

We focus on working with mission-driven social good organizations—including non-profits, for-profits, philanthropies, and public institutions—because we believe it is our duty to work toward positive change, justice, and equity in all communities.

Finally, we know effectively using data can help your organization achieve its goals.

  • Insights can be gained from any amount of data
  • Impact is arguably what matters most and we want to help you tell your story and achieve your mission by measuring, evaluating, and communicating your impact.
  • Action creates real change and we work to ensure you have the capacity to act upon insights in the future.