Evaluate your organization’s impact and transform your data into actions.

Have you ever thought…

  • What is our current impact on our community?
  • Which fundraising campaigns are most valuable?
  • What impact will this program have in 1, 3, 5 years? 
  • What program initiatives had the biggest impact on our community?
  • How much fundraising revenue can we expect in the next 1, 3, 5 years?
  • Who reads our emails? Who looks at our website? How can I make our online content more engaging?
  • Who attended our last fundraising event and how does that compare to prior years?

How does data analytics help your organization?

Increase funding – Get the support you need to reach your goals

  • Understand which fundraising initiatives have the largest benefit through cost-benefit analysis, fundraising analytics, and fundraising event analysis
  • Identify your top donors and understand how to best communicate with them with donor analytics
  • Predict your future revenue in upcoming months/years, and adjust operations accordingly using predictive analytics
  • Increase online donations through email, website, and social media analytics
  • Personalize donor outreach with a thorough analysis of donor characteristics

Improve efficiencyLet your staff focus on what matters

  • Focus your organization’s efforts on those which demonstrate the highest impact through impact and cost-benefit analysis
  • Allocate employee time and effort on the actions that lead to the greatest impact through analyzing staff key performance indicators
  • Schedule volunteers and staff at the best times through schedule and appointment analysis

Enhance ImpactIncrease your organization’s effectiveness

  • Evaluate if your organization is achieving the impact outlined in your mission and theory of change through impact analysis
  • Compare your organization’s impact over months and years to ensure you’re headed in the right direction
  • Proactively meet your beneficiaries needs by using predictive analytics
  • Understand which initiatives lead to the largest impact through key performance indicator analysis
  • Discover new initiatives that have the potential for far-reaching impact through exploratory data analysis

How can we help?

  • Impact analysis
  • Predictive analytics
  • Cost-benefit evaluation
  • Fundraising analytics
  • Email, website, and social media analytics
  • Event analysis
  • Key performance indicators analysis
  • Exploratory data analysis