Data Bloom’s Core Values

Joyful Dedication

We are…. Optimistic, Passionate, Balanced

We stay focused on our purpose and work tirelessly to achieve it. Our love for our work brings us joy and we cultivate positivity, humor, and laughter. We work hard while maintaining balance by staying devoted toward relationships, hobbies, and other passions.

Integrity Earns Trust

We are…. Transparent, Honest, Trustworthy

We are true to ourselves and we are true to others. We are honest and transparent in our words, actions, and intentions. We inherently trust others and actively earn their trust. We are courageously candid but respectful. We do not have ulterior motives and have nothing to hide.

Lens of Compassion

We are…. Respectful, Humble, Empathetic

We treat others with respect – coworkers, partners, community members. We acknowledge the limitations of our perspective and we let go of our ego in order to embrace others’ viewpoints and beliefs. We assume the best of others. We foster internal empathy, understanding, and compassion to eliminate judgement and selfishness.

Keep Climbing to Reach New Heights

We are…. Adaptive, Reflective, Accountable 

We never stop growing, we are adaptive, and we learn continuously. We embrace new ideas and perspectives. Our growth stems from a continual state of reflection. We have an expansive locus of control but are accepting of what we cannot change.

Good for One, Good for All

We are…. Grateful, Generous, Humanitarians

We cultivate gratitude and allow that gratitude to blossom into generosity, by using our opportunities for good. By improving our community, everyone is benefited. We strive to be selfless and do not take more than we need. We celebrate the success of others.

Pursue Equity & Seek Diversity

We are…. Equitable, Inclusive, Aware

We strive towards an equitable society. We are mindful of our privileges and potential biases and take intentional action to mitigate those. We believe wholeheartedly in the value of diversity and inclusivity, and actively seek perspectives, backgrounds, and cultures different from our own.

The Proof Is in the Data 

We are…. Analytical, Evidence-based, Unbiased

We believe in the power of data to inform decisions and eliminate subjectivity. We use data internally and externally to highlight areas of improvement, measure success, and eliminate bias. We let the data do the talking, and are open to any findings that arise. At the same time, we are mindful of harmful data practices, and we foster high quality human-data interaction.