Data Bloom is the joint effort of David Mackey and Tim NeCamp to help impact organizations in the humanitarian, environmental, social, and philanthropic sectors use data to make communities better, safer, and more equitable. 

As a middle school math teacher for Teach for America after undergrad, Tim fell in love with community development and working with students. While getting his Ph.D. in Statistics, Tim sought opportunities to use his statistical knowledge to impact his community. As a member, project leader, and eventually the president of STATCOM, Tim saw how data thinking and data usage could help community organizations achieve their impact.

David, who was currently working as the construction manager at an organic grocery store dedicated to protecting the environment, had always sought to make the world a better place. After hearing about Tim’s community-based statistical work, David was invigorated. What if they could combine Tim’s statistical expertise with David’s project management and operations skill set for social good? The seeds for Data Bloom had been planted.

After finishing graduate school Tim was searching for ways to do impactful data work full time. Many of the companies hiring data scientists and using data and technology to inform their decisions were not focused on social good. Despite the benefit that leveraging data provides to all sectors, few opportunities existed in the social good space. After continually discussing the idea with David, they decided that together, they could create the opportunity themselves. Data Bloom had officially sprouted.